I am a musicologist specializing in the aesthetics and cultural history of modern and contemporary music. My primary research focus explores the compositional and social history of music with a particular emphasis on modern and avant-garde music in Germany and Austria, music as aesthetic communication, music in relation to literature, music and political thought, sound art, and the history of music theory and aesthetics. Being a native speaker of Hebrew, I have additional expertise in Israeli music as well as in aspects of European Jewish liturgical music research. Underlying my diverse studies is an abiding interest in the construction of knowledge and cultural values through music. In pursuing my research objectives, I have employed a wide range of interdisciplinary research paradigms such as critical theory, cognitive linguistics, and conceptual history (Begriffsgeschichte). I received various grants and awards in support and acknowledgment of my scholarly work, including the Austrian Musicological Society’s Publication Prize.

I studied at Tel Aviv University and at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. I completed my doctoral studies at the Humboldt University of Berlin under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Christian Kaden (1946-2015), founder and long-time director of the Chair of Music Sociology and Social History of Music. My doctoral studies were supported by fellowships from the Minerva Foundation of the Max Planck Society and the German National Academic Foundation (Leo Baeck Fellowship Programme). In years 2014-2015, I served as a Newton International Fellow at the University of Cambridge. While at Cambridge I was also Research Associate of Corpus Christi College. Following this, I was Postdoctoral Researcher at the Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, University of Pennsylvania (2016), and Research Fellow of the IFK International Research Center for Cultural Studies in Vienna (2017), respectively. I have taught at Tel Aviv University, at Humboldt University, and at Berlin University of Arts.